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In this post I will comment on several of the many fungi that are currently being incorporated into different cosmetic treatments.

An example is Schizophyllum commune, a common mushroom in forests: it has a polysaccharide called schizofilan that decreases skin damage and inflammation caused by sunburn, and that is why it is incorporated in some after sun lotions (very expensive)

To avoid cell aging, Ganoderma lucidum, the reishi mushroom, is being incorporated into various brands, given the very high antioxidant power that it presents.

Finally, let us mention that the lactic acid used in peeling is obtained from the cultivation of the fungus Rizopus strains, and the ceramides used in cosmetics can be found in mushrooms such as Phellinus pini, or the Chinese truffle, Tuber indicum, although the latter is only being handled experimentally.