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More information about MundoReishi


Our processing and packaging company has the Spanish Sanitary Registration number: 21.026871/P and Organic Crop Certificate 007E/OP 2016CL.

MundoReishi trademark is registered in the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks.

Because of our unique standards of quality and product verification, MundoReishi is the only food company that has the backing and technical support of the Mycology Department of  Valladolid University (Valladolid University link). This is because all the verifiers of quality / analysis of our products are external companies and organizations:

Microbiological Analysis: AQM laboratories (Valladolid).
Molecular identification: Alvalab (Santander).
Microscopic identification: CM Uva (Palencia).
Organoleptic Analysis (tasting): Luis Miguel Hernández de Los Bueis (Salamanca).



contactoOther MundoReishi contacts

Sale Manager: Raul Fraile Fabero + 34 644556746. r.fraile@mundoreishi.com

International Bussines manager (English and Portuguese): Mª Virginia Ozcariz. mv.ozcariz@mundoreishi.com

Community manager: Rebeca Contreras. r.contreras@mundoreishi.com

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