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Differences between micro ground reishi and standard or granulated reishi

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Reishi micro ground: All fungal cells are broken. Our digestive system can have access to the intercellular content and take 100% advantage of the product.

Micro ground reishi is the reishi that has been ground to microns (particles sizes of thousandths of a millimeter). Through this process, every mushroom cell gets its cellular walls broken (see fig. above). Therefore, it allows our gastric juices to access to all the mushroom’s properties. Reishi absorption is enhanced, and so the effect of the product on the organism.


Granulated reishi is designed to be taken as an infusion.

A gram of micro ground reishi has a huge contact surface. Such contact surface allows it to come into contact with a greater number of cells of the immune system, generating an efficient response of the body.  Its effectiveness on the immune receptors of the digestive system could be about 200% or 300% higher than that of a granulated reishi.

Granulated reishi is designed to be taken as an infusion, not to be taken directly. It is barely digested when consumed directly. If we consume granulated reishi, it is very likely that just about 80/90 % of the product will be absorbed by our body. There are such big chunks that are often going to go through the digestive tract without dissolving, to then be expelled as waste.

Besides, the superior grinding of the micro ground reishi allows very fine dietary fiber to reach the colon and be effectively attacked by the intestinal flora, serving as an excellent prebiotic for it. The fiber of granulated reishi is so compact that in 1.5 to 2 days of transit through the colon, it will only be superficially attacked, so it will fairly have an effect on the intestinal flora.

Microscope view of micro ground reishi: more than 99% of the hyphas are broken, allowing a maximum digestibility of the reishi.

Should you decide to try a granulated reishi, consume it as an infusion or in decoction. The heat and the water will help to extract some molecules that our bodies can’t. The doses to use have to be from 2 to 4 times higher than micro ground ones, and YOU MUST DRINK THE ENTIRE RESULTING BEVERAGE