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The Importance of knowing what to take and how to prepare it I

With respect to medicinal plants and nutraceutical fungi, it is fundamental to know two things:

1- Which part of the plant or fungus must be taken, that is, the part that presents the active principles of interest: it is not the same to take a root tea as to take a leave infusion, or, in the case of fungi, it is different to take mushroom powder as to take spore powder.
2- How to prepare it: infusion, decoction, maceration, natural way... To do it wrong may cause the destruction of the active principles.

Regarding point one:

In the case of fungi, it is common to find products based on fungal mycelium, that is, the living being that produces the mushroom, assigning him properties that have been found in the mushroom. To say that mycelium and mushroom have the same virtues is like saying (let us use a botanical comparison) that consuming apples is the same as eating leaves or apple roots.

The same thing happens with medicinal mushroom products made out of mushroom spores: just as it is not the same to eat an apple as to eat an apple seed, and do not ever try it because apple seeds are toxic (just a small amount can kill a person!) It is not the same to eat a mushroom as to eat mushroom spores. Each thing has its properties.


Apple seeds do not have the same properties as the fruit, in fact, they are toxic.

Regarding point two:
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