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Can I give pure reishi to my pet? How much and how could I?

Many people have told us that they would like to give pure reishi to their pet. They consulted us about how much and how to give it to them. Here we solve your doubts.

Product safety: Numerous studies on reishi have been carried out in animals: horses, mice, rats, mini pigs ... and up to now no toxicity problems have ever been found. In this regard, if your pet is a mammal, quite certainly, you can give reishi to your pet.

pet-pictureHow much can we give him?

As for a pet’s maintenance-prevention amount, it can be calculated with this equation:

1/60 x kg of animal weight = g of product to give.

In pounds: 0,21 x animal weight in pounds = oz of product to give

If the animal is down:

4/60 x kg of animal weight = g of product

That is: 0,84 x animal weight in pounds = oz of product

This could be a general calculation applicable for mammals. For birds, reptiles, etc.it may not be extrapolated since they are little studied organisms.

Important: These formulas are not valid for extracts nor mycelium nor reishi spores, which are different products.

About how to give it to your pet:

It is unlikely that the animal consumes it only with water, as we humans may do, because of its taste. The best way for him to have it is to mix it with food he likes. If the food was fatty type, that would be ideal, since fats and oils dissolve many polyphenols and bitter triterpenes, and dissolved in this way, the bitter feeling in the tongue is reduced.

Finally, let us indicate that reishi is just a food, not a medicine. The veterinarian is the indicated and qualified person who should advise you on animal health issues.