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A mushroom with full taste, used to dye and that also decreases allergic reactions

The use of mushrooms to dye is not anecdotal. They have been used by different cultures around the planet to colour clothes and objects. Thus in Europe the Bohemian truffle, horse dung fungus, or perdebal, Pisolithus tictorius, was used to dye different fabrics from brown to gold. The color achieved on the clothes depends on the mordant used.

pisolithus-tinctoriusThis mushroom also has a lot of flavor due to its high concentrations of glutamic acid salts, and for that reason it was sold as flavoring bouillon cubes for some time.

However, the consumption of this mushroom can lower the body's defenses, unlike other fungi such as reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), so consuming the Bohemian truffle can make us catch a cold more easily.