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Wild reishi identification service

Have you found a mushroom that looks like reishi? Do you have mushrooms in front of you that you think to be Ganoderma lucidum? If you have Whatsapp you can solve your doubt at any time.

Save our Whatsapp identification number in you cellphone: +34 644556746. If you find a mushroom similar to reishi, don’t hesitate to send us the picture by Whatsapp and we’ll tell you if it's reishi or not at once.

Sends us the photo and our specialists will inform you if it is the species Ganoderma lucidum, so that you can consume it without any problem. Free service.

Reishi silvestre en campo. MundoReishi

Advice on picking/consuming wild reishi:

  1. Once picked, in order to dry it: laminate it and hang it with a thread above a radiator. That way, it will dry at a low temperature and will lose fewer properties.
  2. The best way to preserve it is to store it in a hermetic bottle, like a jam jar, and in the absence of direct light.
  3. When you want to consume it, you can let it infuse or, to benefit from all its virtues, grate it with a kitchen grater and consume it whole mixed with water or juice.

If you have any questions you can contact us from the forum.

IMPORTANT: When you pick mushrooms for consumption, pick them in clean places only, as if the place is polluted mushrooms will contain harmful substances to a greater or lesser extent.