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What is reishi, Linghzi or " Ganoderma Lucidum"?

Gamnoderma lucidum 1The reishi is the name of the mushroom produced by a fungus technically called Ganodema lucidum.
This living being is found in nature, usually feeding on buried wood (roots) of old, weak or dead trees.

During summer and autumn, just as a large number of fungi, it produces mushrooms and, if we are lucky to locate it, we can collect it in the same place season after season until its food runs out and it stops fruition.


How to consume Reishi

dieta lunarReishi can be consumed in many different ways. You can take it grated on food, mixed with juices, dissolved only in warm water or brew or even mixed with tea or coffee.

Due to its characteristic bitter taste, we recommend that you take it with orange juice where it brings the slight bitterness similar to bitter oranges. It goes well with tea or coffee because it naturally has bitter flavors.

Try mixing it with soy milk, honey, pumpkin puree... any possibility that occurs to you!


Questions and answers

capsulas de micelioCan reishi powder show white colour?

No, it can’t. Mushroom powder is always brown. In the market there are companies that sell white powder saying that it is "Reishi" at a low price. This product is not reishi as reishi is mushroom powder not fungus powder (also called mycelium) and therefore it doesn’t have the properties and features of the mushroom. A comparison to understand this could be: apples (the fruit) are not the same as the apple tree (the tree) and therefore consuming one is very different from consuming the other.


reishi silvestreCan I pick wild reishi and consume it?

If you have enough knowledge to identify it in the countryside, it is in good conditions and you know that the place where you have picked it is pollution free, there is no problem for you to consume it. This section of the website talks about it.


cafeThe Reishi coffee I’ve bought in other stores doesn’t taste bitter, why?

Cafe sold on the internet doesn’t contain pure reishi but a mushroom extract that lacks many of the substances that the mushroom has, among them, bitter compounds (mainly due to the so-called "terpenes" compounds). While this makes it taste better, in return, you lose many of the benefits that pure reishi consumption would provide.


More questions?

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