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Why pure powdered reishi?

polvo-reishi"Our reishi is pure powdered reishi, nothing more." It is not an extract, or a derivative, or a concentrate, or fungus powder, it is 100 % pure powdered reishi fungus. Its advantages are many, and among them we highlight:

It’s only reishi: This means the elimination of additives, irritant bulk additives and colouring, present in many of the tableting and encapsulation processes. It's healthy and natural.

Guarantee of properties: reishi powder is the only reishi that can guarantee the presence of all its natural properties. The extracts used in dietary supplements, coffee, tea, etc... only provide the properties of the substances that have been isolated and, therefore, lack many molecules of high interest present in the natural reishi.

 Safety Guarantee: reishi powder has been consumed for more than two thousand years and therefore has a food security higher than scores of foods of current consumption. On the other hand, concentrates or extracts from reishi in the market, as they concentrate active substances / medicines to a great degree, have been seen to be detrimental to some cells.