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Quality guarantee

calidad-analisis-reishiWe work with three external laboratories that verify that our cultivated reishi meets 100% of our consumer expectations: superior quality.

That way, every batch that leaves MundoReishi ® undergoes stringent chemical, physical and microbiological controls and also goes through a genetic analysis protocol by a specialized laboratory.

Thanks to this last analysis, we are the only company that can confidently say that our product comes from the most active natural reishi specie with the greatest properties in the market.

Currently, these demanding tests have made it possible for MundoReishi to be the only food company which has the support of the Mycology Department of Valladolid University.

Besides, to ensure the freshness and quality of our product, MundoReishi subjects its products to an organoleptic analysis by a taster/professional enologist.

He checks that the level of bitterness of reishi is maintained high, which is characteristic of a fresh, superb reishi, that has grown in ideal conditions.


Quality: Laboratories and responsible technicians.

analisis-ganodermaThis is the list of laboratories and technicians responsible for the quality analysis of MundoReishi products:

Chemical and microbiological analysis: AQM Laboratories, Food and Water Analysis Laboratory. Valladolid.

Genetic Analysis: AlvaLab; Genetic Analysis Service. Santander.

Taxonomic/microscopic Analysis: Mycology Department Laboratory of Valladolid University. Palencia.

Organoleptic analysis: Luis Miguel Hernández de los Bueis. Professional Enologist and taster. Teaching and Enology. Salamanca.