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Social Responsability


Sport and disability:

MundoReishi contributes to the world of sports and disability, through the project Athlete Visible: www.atletavisible.com

Research and development:

We collaborate on several medical studies on different ailments in people. The following post shows one of our commitments to health. Reishi and fibromyalgia. University of Extremadura.

If you belong to an institution and want to carry on a study on reishi as a functional food, do not hesitate to contact us.

MundoReishi is maintained by people and therefore we think it is necessary to help / collaborate actively with society and the world.

Dissemination: Courses: Since 2013, MundoReishi has been working in solidarity training / dissemination courses, in which all funds are earmarked for charities. Last course: V Solidarity Mycology Course.

Publications: MundoReishi technical team writes dissemination articles on botanical / mycological biodiversity in our peninsula for different groups. Eg. Mycological Association Regius Newsletter.


Our Philosophy

filosofiaFrom this website and through our distributors we would like to reach the maximum number of people because we know that our products are safe and their consumption can benefit many people.

Why do we work only with reishi? We could work with other nutriceuticals but our choice was only this: Ganoderma lucidum (commonly called reishi or lingzhi), because it is the most scientifically contrasted and one of the natural products that go on being the most studied nowadays.

Reishi has been discussed in more than 3,000 scientific articles, over 1,000 patents, more than 700 medical publications... and in total more than 11,000 publications.

Because we know with what we work, how we work and how we offer our produce, our MundoReishi® slogan is: Quality guarantee.